, in a sentence is a portal for all things craft beer. Some of the most basic functions of the social networking website are to rate beers, learn about beers, and meet beer experts, but it is so much more than that. is a revolutionary way to categorize beer, suggest beer and utilizes all the new web 2.0 technology like no beer-related website ever has before!! This is going to be an exciting time for, as the entire site is getting completely rebuilt! There are 3 exciting main features of Brewpot that i want to tell you about: the patent-pending rating system, Beer & Food, and the Beer Community.

Beer Rating system

The revolutionary patent-pending rating system uses numbers to train the website of your personal beer preference which allows Brewpot to suggest you beers based on beers that you already enjoy! There are 16 different flavors that are common to beers and, as a user, all you need to do is rate on a scale of 1-5 how much of that flavor you taste! Brewpot bridges the gap between the extremely complex professional beer judging methods and the too-simplistic recreational beer judging methods. This allows the beginner beer taster to develop his or her palate to effectively train the website his or her preferences while allowing the expert beer judge to be able to pick out subtle flavors as well. Once we find you a beer you are looking for, Brewpot will show you where you can purchase that beer in your area!

Beer & Food

Beer has a wide range of tastes and certain styles of beers pair better with certain foods. For instance, a maibock will pair nicely with barbecued meats because the Maibock will dampen the tangy and spicy flavors of the barbecue. Brewpot is your guide for giving your signature dishes an extra boost to impress that special someone! The beer & food section will also help you increase your menu of recipes with food recipes that use beer as an ingredient!

Beer Community

The website is designed to unite beer drinkers worldwide and to allow experts and beginners to share their advice and suggestions. You can track your friends and get updates whenever a friend rates or mentions a beer or brewery. You can message users and invite users to public and private events. You can even search for people in your area who have your same preference of beer and share a pitcher down at the corner pub! You can post reviews and journal entries that your friends can review and comment on.


Brewpot has many features to use beyond the traditional website. You can add embeds for beers you rated to your personal website, other bloggers or a Facebook or MySpace application. You can rate and review beers on your mobile and can get widgets for your desktop and toolbars for your browser for easier access!

Brewpot is on the forefront of the Web 2.0 revolution! We utilize all the latest technology and use existing networking methods such as StumbleUpon, Digg and Facebook The possibilities are truly endless and are limited only by your imagination! Enjoy!

-The Brewpot Team