Hey everyone,

It has felt like years.  Ok well it has almost been a year I think.  I try not to write blogs these days unless I have very important news.  The website now has a starter amount of beers listed at the establishments in the database.  One issue is taht sometimes the name in the database is not the same as the one given to me by the distributor.  Unfortunately, I have to go through and hand point each mismatch the the appropriate place, which I plan on doing next week.  You can still see where you can find a lot of beers in the city of Atlanta.  So far only one distributor’s data is uploaded and a lot of his data needs to be pointed to the right spot.  We are working on that.  We are also working on being able to search for a bar/restaurant directly and also removing the full page load when you select beer/brewery or establishment from the drop down menu.  I would say within the next few weeks, the location data will start becoming much more useful and usable so be patient and I will make a wonderful website for you all!  If you want to play with the site, searching for “Allagash White” seems to bring back nice results.

Also, I just got back from the Craft Brewer’s Conference and have fun interviews to share with you all as soon as they are edited.  My beer expert Matt Simpson interviewed Jim Koch of Sam Adams, Greg Koch of Stone, as well as brewers from Terrapin, Duck-Rabit, Nogne-O, Deschutes, Pete from Pete’s Wicked, Flosmore, Flander’s and many more!

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Thanks everyone,