Hey guys,

I’m going to make more of an effort to say what I have been up to and keep you guys more informed of what is happening.

I am going to start by listing all of the people on this effort.

myself (Jay) promoting to breweries and distributors.

Bruce Redd, one of the lead developers, works on pretty much everything and compiles.  Most recently he has been working on the WCF webservice which will give XML data to the iPhone app.

Chris Beatty, another lead developer, has been focusing on the distributor mapping aspect of the project and created the functionality to allow data to be mapped on the google maps seen on the website.

Jessica Robinson, our front end designer, has been hard at work mocking up the new website set to launch in a couple of weeks.

Chase Bradley, one of our coders, is hard at work developing a picture and video manager for brewers to add their images and videos and associate them to their brewery or even a specific beer!

Justin Michela, is working on a US map where brewers can list what states their beer is available and will allow us users and the breweries to pester the distributors to get their data available to you!

Noah Witherspoon is hard at work on our iPhone app from which I hear is 35% complete!


Right now users can profile beers and in the future those ratings will help determine suggestions for you.  You can also find a wide selection of beer available in and around the Atlanta area.  Brewers can manage their flavors and ingredients of their beers with the ability to upload pictures and videos hopefully within a week.  Distributors can give us location data which we can input into the system immediately.


How you can help:

If you know any brewers: tell them to create an account and email me jay (at) brewpot  (dot) com their username and i will associate them with that brewery.

If you know any distributors: have them call me or email me and we can discuss adding their data to the system!

Rate as many beers as you can and check back often!

Thanks so much for all your patience and support!