attended the 2010 Craft Brewers Conference that took place in Chicago, IL. We had the opportunity to show in detail the functionality and unique features of the website to brew masters, distributors and brewpubs across the nation. The impact was tremendous and the result was a total success. Many breweries saw the value of the site and jumped on board right there! We expect to see many more breweries and distributors signing up and listing all their beer information in the near future.  

Brewpot was designed to simplify the beer world, making it fun and easy for any user to locate, profile and get personalized suggestions of other beers to try. It helps brewers and distributors to reach out to many potential customers,  make their  information more available and educate consumers about the different characteristics and flavors of their beers. In other words, Brewpot is out there to help the beer community in any and every way possible and the Craft Brewers Conference was a great way to get the word out and start building strong relationships with key people in the industry. For those of you who don’t know, the guys that make the beers are incredibly amazing individuals, full of charm, spirit, good energy and, above of all, explosive creativity and passion for making every drop of the beers you drink. Below are some of the pictures of those guys taken by the Brewpot members that attended the 2010 Craft Brewers Conference.

Michael Bell - Founders Brewery

Lakefront Brewery Inc

Steve Indrehus - Tommyknocker Brewery

Peter Bouckaert - New Belgium Brewmaster (He is actually from Belgium!)

Mitch Steele - Stone Brewing Co

Jon Moldenhauer - Avery Brewing Company

John Swanson - Fort Collins Brewery

Explaining the Brewery Admin Page to Dan Del Grande

Dan del Grande - Bison Brewery

Charlie Papazian

Tom Korder - Goose Island Brewery Manager - Will Turner, Goose Island Senior Brewer

Jim Koch

Brian Buckowski - Terrapin Brewing Company

Peter Caddoo - NOLA Brewing Co.

Keith Millers - Matt Brewing Co

Explaining the Beer Rating Feature

Brewpot Members is rapidly growing and new updates and features are added to the website every day.  Our main staff, which consists of 7 developers, a designer, a salesman and a PR associate is more than committed to make Brewpot the most innovative, complete and powerful beer website available in the marketplace. We are not just making a website or mobile applications, we are true beer enthusiasts making a living out of our biggest passion.

We truly feel  this is the beginning of what will become the largest and most comprehensive beer website in America… So if you haven’t yet, go to or download our iphone app and create your account today!!!