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Is there a perfect beer? Why is there 40 kinds of mustard and only one type of Ketchup?

Perfect BeerI just love this question.  Why is there 40 kinds of mustard but only one dominant player in the Ketchup market?  Why is there 40 kinds of salsa and spaghetti sauce but only 1 kind of mayonnaise?  One of my favorite writers, Malcolm Gladwell answers this in his new book “What the Dog Saw”  You might know Malcolm Gladwell from his award winning book’s Tipping Point, Blink and Outliers.  All of which are AMAZING books and I recommend you buy them right away, or if you live in Atlanta, I can let you borrow mine for a few days!

Anyways, In his new book, What the Dog Saw, he addresses that very issue.  Basically people used to think that there was a perfect food.  A perfect salsa, a perfect potato chip, but what Dr. Moskowitz, a pschophysicist, discovered that there was not a perfect food, but rather perfect foods.  The best example is spaghetti sauce.  The food industry in the 70s and earlier, thought that everyone wanted a thin spaghetti sauce, but actually 1/3 of the people wanted a chunky sauce, even though they would never say so in a food study panel.  People don’t know what they want, you have to tell them!  Here there was, an entire 1/3 of the population unhappy about their spaghetti sauce because of the assumption of perfect foods.

That’s why nowadays you have 40 types of chips, and 40 types of salsa and all this variety.. but why only 1 type of ketchup (Heinz)?  The reason is two fold; 1. Heinz ketchup hits all 5 of your tastes buds: salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umami (a savoryness best tasted as the thickness in chicken soup) which very foods do, and you start using it as a toddler during those crucial years when everything you taste, usually you enjoy for the rest of your life.  As your parents give you a new food, you can create some certainty by adding ketchup to the flavor of it.  Also, the flavors are so well blended together in ketchup, that it is very hard to distinguish between the different flavors themselves.  Since you don’t taste any one flavor in ketchup, your palate never grows tired of it.  Here you can read the entire article written by Malcolm Gladwell.

Is there a perfect beer?

No.  For many reasons, which I’m sure most of your craft beer connoisseurs already knew, but here’s some science behind it, using Malcolm’s research.

1. You aren’t exposed to beer as a toddler (well you shouldn’t be at least!) so therefore you won’t develop that crucial life-long taste for it such as ketchup and other foods.  It is definitely an acquired taste.

2. Usually with most beers, you can pick out individual flavors so your palate will eventually tire of those flavors and you will want something else.  I love double IPA, hop bombs, but I can think of many situations where I want something a bit more sessionable.

There is no perfect beer only perfect beers, and perfect beers for certain people or situations.  Beer seems to be an interesting subject, because to me I really enjoy the variety of trying new beers all the time, but my favorite fruit and juice is hands down grapefruit.  Always has been always will be.  I very rarely drink OJ or pineapple juice if grapefruit juice is available.  The palate loves consistency but also craves variety at the same time.  The next time you see someone you know drinking the same beer they always drink, before you criticize them, think about that one food item you would want to eat or drink everyday and to your perfect food is their perfect beer.

What is that favorite food item?  Mine is a tie between grapefruit and tomatoes.


Find Peak Organic in GA, MA, CT

We have been working with Rob Lucente of Peak Organic to list their location data and so far we have all of their beers for:




Find Sweetwater 420 and the rest on in Georgia! now has Sweetwater Brewing data for the state of Georgia

Find your 420 and all!

Sweetwater 420

Sweetwater IPA

Sweetwater Blue

Sweet Georgia Brown

Sweetwater Happy Ending

Sweetwater Road Trip

Hugh Sisson of Clipper City – Heavy Seas

Well well folks!  Lots to talk about today!


First, I had a great meeting with Georgia Crown and will most likely have their location data in our website in a week or so.  You can expect Unibroue, Flying Dog, Brooklyn and a bunch more!



I met Hugh Sisson of Clipper City and he loved us!  He wants to put all his location data on our website as well as flavors and ingredients and really roll this thing out!  Location data for Clipper City is already available in Georgia.


Now, I have my first official Brewpot banner on a brewery website

The great folks at Red Brick (Atlanta Brewing Company) have put our banner on their website!  Thanks Bob and Co.


Met with Sales Rep of Thomas Creek Brewery at Octane + Hop City

For those of you in the Atlanta area, if you haven’t taken advantage of Hop City’s and Octane’s free beer tasting from Wednesday usually around 5:30-7:30 you need to get in on that!  Go get yourself on the Hop City mailing list and make that happen!  Octane coffee is conveniently located between 19 Starbucks in the greater metro area.  (I love that marketing line!  Brilliant.. Seth Godin would agree!)


This week I was able to meet Katie the Sales & Marketing Director of Thomas Creek out of Greenville, SC.   I gave her a few distributor flyers and told her all about adding her data to my website which she said she will look at when she gets a free moment!  Her Atlanta distributor is already listed on so you can check it out.  I am hoping she will want to get her other distributors on board and I will keep everyone posted to the progress of that.


Tonight, Chris, Bruce and I are goign to discuss the immediate future steps of the company as well.  Keep drinking good beer!

The Craft Beer rating website is up!

After what seems like FOREVER is up and working rather smoothly.  Some of the searching is a bit cumbersome and I recommend typing in what you are looking for and waiting for the drop down box to suggest you what you want.  Also you will need to remove the location because the restaurants haven’t been added to the system yet and beers are only located by their brewery.  The Beer rating functionality is working and is explained in either education/how to rate or “first time here?” link.  Please set up an account and profile some beers.  Give me tons of feedback either on this blog or through the brewpot messaging system.  There is a cool feature of beer news down in the “Industry News” column of the page, which can be cool.  I also hired Jessica Moss, the beer maestro for Muss and Turners who also has been written about in the Atlantan as well as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  She is an amazing find and a great writer and having her on board will get brewpot some awesome content.  I also plan on bundling beer blogs into one easy to get place.  Unfortunately, this stuff just takes time!  I am working my web developers as fast as I can.

If you live in Illinois you might want to try some beer with your pizza-beer??

Tom Seefurth has created the worlds first culinary beer, “Mamma Mia Pizza Beer” and its now available in Peoria, IL and throughout the region. I haven’t had a chance to try it but a girl I am dating is flying up that way for a conference, so hopefully she can bring me back some!  My question is, when can you get it with pepperoni or anchovies?