Find Peak Organic in GA, MA, CT

We have been working with Rob Lucente of Peak Organic to list their location data and so far we have all of their beers for:





Find Founders in Georgia

Founders Brewing Company recently came to Georgia and we have all the locations for you right here at!

Red Rye Pale Ale

Double Trouble

Dirty Bastard

Imperial Stout

Centennial IPA

Breakfast Stout

Backwoods Bastard


Pale Ale

Find Pliny the Elder in Seattle

Just added Click Distributing over in Seattle, WA.  You can now find good beers from these breweries in Seattle, WA:

Locations avaiable from these fine breweries:

Achouffe, Acme, Aecht Schlenk, Allagash, Anderson Valley, Avery, Barbar, BarbaRoja, Batemans, Bear Republic, Belhaven, Bitburger, Boulevard Brewing, Brasserie Dupont, Brigand, Cascade, Castelain, Coney Island/He’Brew, De , Dolle, De Proef, De Regenboog, Dogfish Head, Duvel, Ecaussinnes, Einbecker, Elysian, Foret, Gouden Carolus, Great Divide, Hair of the Dog, Hale’s, Hambleton, Harviestoun, Heather, Hitachino, Huygne, JW Lees, Kasteel, Kingfisher, Klein Duimpje, Kulmbacher, Lost Abbey/Port Brewing, Mahr’s, Maredsous, Midnight Sun, Mikkeller, New Belgium – Lips of Faith Series, Nogne-O, North Coast, Ommegang, Orkney, Pike, Ridgeway, Russian River, Samichlaus, Scaldis, Scuttlebutt, Stone Brewing Company, Struise, Taj Mahal, Terminal Gravity, The Bruery, Trade Route, Unibroue, Well’s, Witkap, Young’s

Launched a new website!

Yes..  I know i have talked about it for months on end.  Yes, I know that it has been “coming soon” for 3 decades.  The time is now.  We launched the website and I have to say I am quite pleased!  We fixed the searching feature and everything is just a bit easier to navigate and a bit faster!  You can still add all those ratings and look at beer locations but everything is a touch more pretty now!  Let me know what you think.

Find LoneRider Shotgun Betty, DeadEye Jack Beers on

We now have all the location data for LoneRider Brewing Company out of the Raleigh, NC area.  You can find all 4 of the great beers of this brewery that has a lot of promise for not even being in business for 1 year.

Find LoneRider beers on!

Shotgun Betty – Hefeweizen

DeadEye Jack – Porter

Sweet Josie- American Brown Ale

Peacemaker – West Coast Style IPA

Have a happy new year.  We are hoping to have our iPhone app submitted by January 1st, 2010.  I will let you know when we have that and the android app out.  Cheers and keep drinking beers!


Find Sweetwater in Nashville, Murfreesboro and Franklin, TN!

Yup, we now have location data for Sweetwater in TN!

Also, we had a great meeting with Leon Farmer yesterday and we hope to get 26 counties worth of data here in Northern Georgia.  I will keep you posted with that soon.

New website real soon I promise!

Highland Brewing Beers now available in parts of TN, FL

Find your favorite Highland Brewing Company Beers:

including: Gaelic Ale

Mocha Stout

St. Terese’s Pale Ale

Kashmir IPA

in Chattanooga, TN area and Pensacola, Panama City and Destin, FL!!!


Find Highland Brewing beers on!