For those of you in the Atlanta area, if you haven’t taken advantage of Hop City’s and Octane’s free beer tasting from Wednesday usually around 5:30-7:30 you need to get in on that!  Go get yourself on the Hop City mailing list and make that happen!  Octane coffee is conveniently located between 19 Starbucks in the greater metro area.  (I love that marketing line!  Brilliant.. Seth Godin would agree!)


This week I was able to meet Katie the Sales & Marketing Director of Thomas Creek out of Greenville, SC.   I gave her a few distributor flyers and told her all about adding her data to my website which she said she will look at when she gets a free moment!  Her Atlanta distributor is already listed on so you can check it out.  I am hoping she will want to get her other distributors on board and I will keep everyone posted to the progress of that.


Tonight, Chris, Bruce and I are goign to discuss the immediate future steps of the company as well.  Keep drinking good beer!