After what seems like FOREVER is up and working rather smoothly.  Some of the searching is a bit cumbersome and I recommend typing in what you are looking for and waiting for the drop down box to suggest you what you want.  Also you will need to remove the location because the restaurants haven’t been added to the system yet and beers are only located by their brewery.  The Beer rating functionality is working and is explained in either education/how to rate or “first time here?” link.  Please set up an account and profile some beers.  Give me tons of feedback either on this blog or through the brewpot messaging system.  There is a cool feature of beer news down in the “Industry News” column of the page, which can be cool.  I also hired Jessica Moss, the beer maestro for Muss and Turners who also has been written about in the Atlantan as well as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  She is an amazing find and a great writer and having her on board will get brewpot some awesome content.  I also plan on bundling beer blogs into one easy to get place.  Unfortunately, this stuff just takes time!  I am working my web developers as fast as I can.