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The Craft Beer rating website is up!

After what seems like FOREVER is up and working rather smoothly.  Some of the searching is a bit cumbersome and I recommend typing in what you are looking for and waiting for the drop down box to suggest you what you want.  Also you will need to remove the location because the restaurants haven’t been added to the system yet and beers are only located by their brewery.  The Beer rating functionality is working and is explained in either education/how to rate or “first time here?” link.  Please set up an account and profile some beers.  Give me tons of feedback either on this blog or through the brewpot messaging system.  There is a cool feature of beer news down in the “Industry News” column of the page, which can be cool.  I also hired Jessica Moss, the beer maestro for Muss and Turners who also has been written about in the Atlantan as well as the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  She is an amazing find and a great writer and having her on board will get brewpot some awesome content.  I also plan on bundling beer blogs into one easy to get place.  Unfortunately, this stuff just takes time!  I am working my web developers as fast as I can.


Website set to launch next week!

Hey guys, I know it has been FOREVER and a day, but finally I have gotten word from my web developers that the website is scheduled to launch early next week.  Of course, there will be tons of issues as well as functionality not yet built, but at this time users should be able to rate, review, and get suggestions of beers as well as locations and can start adding in your own data.  I am doing all I can to promote the website so theres a lot of users but my hands are tied in the web development side!  Thanks everyone for being so patient.  Check it out!

Version 2 of design spec..

 Please comment and tell me what is great and not so great about this as a design.  The more negative feedback is more helpful so feel free to rip it apart and punch holes in it.  Take no prisoners!! Also suggestions for how to make it better are appreciated as well!!




Muss & Turners, Design specs, Updates.

Hey guys,

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I know that I did.  Last Thursday, I went to Muss & Turners for a $20 beer tasting hosted by Bob Townsend of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  The event was fantastic with about 20 people all trying beers that were well over $20.  We had an imperial stout, and barley wines including one that was cellared for 8 years from the  Dogwood Brewing Company that no longer is in existance.  Many of the beers were priceless in that sense.  I took great notes on each of the beers, but like an idiot, I left them on the table so I cannot remember them by name, although with a little research, I could probably figure it out.  I do remember an American-style barley wine (think: hopped beyond belief)  which tasted absolutely brilliant and had a wonderful grapefruit aftertaste.  Anyways, M&T does these tasting every week and I plan on going to more and this time, remembering my score card and keeping track!!  Besides giving Bob a media kit, the owner of Terrapin Brewery in Athens, GA, Spike, was also there.  I set up a meeting to talk to him so that is very exciting as well!  Here is a candid picture in the middle of the explanation of the styles.

Muss & Turners

Design Specs-  I just got my first design mock ups from my web developer.  Please comment and tell me what you think.


There is a food & beer pairing going on at M&T tonight so if you want to come out, I will be there from 6:30 to approx. 8:30.

That is about it for now!  Won’t be long now!

Craft beer in Wine Country (Napa Valley)

Hey Guys,

Brewpot is doing well. I just got a timeline back from my web developers that the website should be up and functional by Mid December. I will keep you posted on exact dates, as well as possible launch parties/taste testings! If you know my experience with web developers up to this point, as far as the date is concerned, I’ll believe it when I see it! I made some new friends over at Monday Night Brewery here in Atlanta. Its a great group of guys who are trying to quit their jobs and start a brewery! The American dream right?
Monday Night Brewery Logo
Jeff, Joel and Jonathan
Joel, Jeff and Jonathan have been brewing quality beer for over a year now. I checked the place out last Monday and was disappointed that they had nothing on tap but promised me that they would have 2 beers read for drinking tonight!

Also, be sure to check out this article about Craft Beer in Napa Valley, California!

Not just grapes: Great beers in Napa
The Washington Post

“The signs are inescapable: Vineyard ahead! Winery open! Tastings today!

We’re trolling the main drag of California’s Napa Valley, and the endless array of exclamatory signage crowding the roadside is a constant reminder that this is indeed the heart, soul and, yes, business capital of America’s wine country. Unfortunately, these signs aren’t helping me at all. It isn’t a search for vino that has me and the menfolk of my wife’s family crawling in bumper-to-bumper traffic on Highway 29 on a hot Napa afternoon. No chards or cabs or zins for us, thanks. We are looking for stronger, headier, frothier stuff.

Boy, did we find it.

Hoping to avoid the sniffers and spitters of the wine-tasting rooms, we have instead trekked to Napa seeking great American … beer. Oh, go ahead, make your jokes, roll your eyes. Napa for beer? What’s next, a trip to Wisconsin dairyland to find great hummus?

Well, surprise, surprise: Turns out if you want great beers, the towns plopped deep in California wine country offer some of the best craft brews being made in America today. In fact, the area has a craft-beer pedigree like no other. The first microbrewery in America after the end of Prohibition was the New Albion Brewing Co. in Sonoma. Founded in 1976, the brewery lasted just six years, but it spirited a national craft beer renaissance that gained steam in the ’80s and ’90s and is now at its all-time peak.”

Read the rest of the Article.