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Interview with Greg Koch CEO of Stone


Beer prices to increase $1.80 per sixpack in CA

Craft beer has already seen a surge in prices with the average six pack costing $1 more due to hops and barley shortages. Now California says it is broke and part of its plan is to increase taxes on beer by $1.80. This would be devastating to the craft beer community because many Californians would think twice about buying a delicious locally grown and supported craft beer for a cheaper macrobrew. Read about the article here in the politics section of the LATimes.

If you don’t live in California and California legislature passes this bill, your state could easily be next!

The bill does not have a number yet but Jim Beall is the most radical assemblyman trying to pass this. (AB number pending, sponsor Jim Beall, D-San Jose)

“Some people are e-mailing, threatening to come and slug me,” said Assemblyman Jim Beall (D-San Jose)