Wheat, Amber and Blonde.

Yes, its true.  Miller test markets went well this Spring in 4 US cities and is now going to start brewing craft style beers.  Their slogan “Craft beer done lite” describes the product exactly.  I was able to get my hands on the Miller Lite Craft-style Amber and I must say it was more than disappointing to a craft beer drinker.  I wasn’t able to officially rate it because of time constraints and the fact that 2400 of us Craft Brewer Conference attendees where just given samples of about 2000 beers left over from the judges in the World Beer Cup!  I do remember it being watered down and being able to taste the artificial flavors.  I must say, however that I am glad this product is coming out because beer drinkers who exclusively drink light lagers will notice a step up and this product may very well be the stepping stone to a serious local made craft brew!  It will be interesting to see how this new brand extension does.   Read the AP article here:

Miller lite is also coming out with Wheat and Blonde craft style beers.