Hey Guys,

Brewpot is doing well. I just got a timeline back from my web developers that the website should be up and functional by Mid December. I will keep you posted on exact dates, as well as possible launch parties/taste testings! If you know my experience with web developers up to this point, as far as the date is concerned, I’ll believe it when I see it! I made some new friends over at Monday Night Brewery here in Atlanta. Its a great group of guys who are trying to quit their jobs and start a brewery! The American dream right?
Monday Night Brewery Logo
Jeff, Joel and Jonathan
Joel, Jeff and Jonathan have been brewing quality beer for over a year now. I checked the place out last Monday and was disappointed that they had nothing on tap but promised me that they would have 2 beers read for drinking tonight!

Also, be sure to check out this article about Craft Beer in Napa Valley, California!

Not just grapes: Great beers in Napa
The Washington Post

“The signs are inescapable: Vineyard ahead! Winery open! Tastings today!

We’re trolling the main drag of California’s Napa Valley, and the endless array of exclamatory signage crowding the roadside is a constant reminder that this is indeed the heart, soul and, yes, business capital of America’s wine country. Unfortunately, these signs aren’t helping me at all. It isn’t a search for vino that has me and the menfolk of my wife’s family crawling in bumper-to-bumper traffic on Highway 29 on a hot Napa afternoon. No chards or cabs or zins for us, thanks. We are looking for stronger, headier, frothier stuff.

Boy, did we find it.

Hoping to avoid the sniffers and spitters of the wine-tasting rooms, we have instead trekked to Napa seeking great American … beer. Oh, go ahead, make your jokes, roll your eyes. Napa for beer? What’s next, a trip to Wisconsin dairyland to find great hummus?

Well, surprise, surprise: Turns out if you want great beers, the towns plopped deep in California wine country offer some of the best craft brews being made in America today. In fact, the area has a craft-beer pedigree like no other. The first microbrewery in America after the end of Prohibition was the New Albion Brewing Co. in Sonoma. Founded in 1976, the brewery lasted just six years, but it spirited a national craft beer renaissance that gained steam in the ’80s and ’90s and is now at its all-time peak.”

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