Hey guys,

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I know that I did.  Last Thursday, I went to Muss & Turners for a $20 beer tasting hosted by Bob Townsend of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  The event was fantastic with about 20 people all trying beers that were well over $20.  We had an imperial stout, and barley wines including one that was cellared for 8 years from the  Dogwood Brewing Company that no longer is in existance.  Many of the beers were priceless in that sense.  I took great notes on each of the beers, but like an idiot, I left them on the table so I cannot remember them by name, although with a little research, I could probably figure it out.  I do remember an American-style barley wine (think: hopped beyond belief)  which tasted absolutely brilliant and had a wonderful grapefruit aftertaste.  Anyways, M&T does these tasting every week and I plan on going to more and this time, remembering my score card and keeping track!!  Besides giving Bob a media kit, the owner of Terrapin Brewery in Athens, GA, Spike, was also there.  I set up a meeting to talk to him so that is very exciting as well!  Here is a candid picture in the middle of the explanation of the styles.

Muss & Turners

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There is a food & beer pairing going on at M&T tonight so if you want to come out, I will be there from 6:30 to approx. 8:30.

That is about it for now!  Won’t be long now!