The deal finally finished this morning.  I wanted to keep it a secret until i knew it went through.  For a while now ABInbev and MillerCoors have been wanting to buy Brewpot LLC to push the suggestion engine and locator service and the deal finally went through today for a large undisclosed sum of money.  Part of the deal is that Brewpot gets a large sum of money and in return the suggestion engines will only return only Bud Light Golden Wheat or Miller Lite.  All other brands have been removed as part of the deal.  While I do feel that we sacrificed a bit of the integrity of the suggestion engine, getting a large sum of money was well worth it.  You can still find all your favorite places to buy Bud Light Golden Wheat and MGD 64 but unfortunately a lot of the Russian imperial stouts and Double IPAs had to be removed from the locator as part of the deal.  Again, it was totally worth it, because I got a large sum of money and all I have to do is drink coors light and bud light select 55 for the rest of my life as part of the deal.   I will have full details in the following days about the change in the website.

Check out the new changes to the website.



NOTE: This blog post was written on April 1st 2010, so it’s probably completely made up! Happy April Fools Day (edit: 4/2/10)