I just read a cool article talking about how craft beer is taking off in Asia!! This stuff is just getting so huge everywhere and its just a very exciting time to be in the market! I gotta say that I made that last post entirely too formal!! I promise not do that from now on! It takes too long to write. It was good practice for me and maybe it can go into my PR/press release/marketing campaign, whatever! Anyways heres some of the article that i found interesting.

Specialty Beers on the Rise in the Land of Sake

BEER aficionados who move to Asia discover quickly that they need to scale back their expectations. Major cities offer a fair selection of British and Belgian ales and German Pilseners, but outside of the occasional brewpub, such as Brewerkz in Singapore, there is little in the way of fresh, flavorful beers. And once you head outside of those major cities, your choices often become limited to a Heineken, a Tiger or the local Pilsener.

But there’s hope brewing in Japan. Thirteen years after it legalized microbreweries, the country has produced craft brewers who can hold their own with the best that the United States and Europe have to offer. Their pale ales are as refreshingly hoppy as Sierra Nevada, from the United States; their whites are as fruity and fresh as Hoegaarden from Belgium; and their barley wines, in their tendency to mellow and mature over the years into a syrupy, portlike digestif, match up with Thomas Hardy’s Ale from England.

That doesn’t mean that Japan’s beers are clones of those from other countries. At first, the wide array of styles and the fresh, bold taste that’s missing from most bottled European beers remind you of American microbrews. But try a few more and you’ll notice more subtlety in the flavors; while a beer may smell citrusy and hoppy, the bitter hops flavor fades after the first sip and the sweet malt flavors step forward. You may notice multiple flavors — caramel, fruit, ginger and other spices — playing off each other.”

-NY times

You can read the article in its entirety here.

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